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Glance at the Grandstands

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It may only happen once per event, but if you watch closely, you can usually catch your special someone taking a ‘glance at the grandstands’. Who do you perform for? Hopefully for yourself and the man upstairs. But don’t you always have a sense of who’s watching and who is noticing when you do something good?     Good deeds don’t need …

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We See You!

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Today’s Rise & Shine moment celebrates both my husband Phil and I’s work passions!  My “Dr. Phil” is an Optometrist who not only cares about how his patients see, he also spends quality time managing the overall health of their precious eyes.  Beyond the goal of good vision, Dr. Gildersleeve at O’Neill Family Eyecare, routinely checks for eye conditions & …

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Rise & Shine!

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Welcome to 2016!   It’s a new year to Rise & Shine! Thank you to the followers who have journeyed with me and my struggle for the right name for this blog.  It now feels good & right with the world as “Rise & Shine”! I started pondering this a few months ago when I was waking up my 14 year …

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“Gallup-Certified” Strengths Coach Proudly Wearing My Top 5 Talent Themes!

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This week, I now sit at my desk as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach!   My certification journey started in 2013 with the Successful Strengths Coaching class at Gallup University in Omaha, Nebraska. I wrapped up my series of Gallup Coaching classes this past April and like many others who choose to procrastinate, I finally took my certification exam! Why do we …

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Positivity – Do you have it?

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Positivity happens to be #2 in my Top 5 StrengthsFinder themes.  So I wanted to share this thought with you today… Your thoughts create your world. You are who you are today and where you are today because of what you thought about yesterday.  Take control of your life by taking control of your thoughts. The world in general gives …

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Dear Curt,

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Dear Curt, This particular letter to you will be brief, my friend. It’s not my usual email, but a letter I’m posting to you through cyber space until it reaches you in heaven. Even though accolades of you should fill up the entire internet, since you’ve only been gone a couple of weeks, I can only write for a few …

Sunrise with a message!

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Two of my favorite musical artists over the years; Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith performed in Omaha, NE last thursday evening. It was part of their “Celebration of Songs & Hymns tour. I was blessed to experience the concert with my two sons, Heath & Sean from the front row and attend the private Q&A session with Amy & …

The Element of Surprise!

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Last night my husband Phil and I attended our son Sean’s Choir/Band Concert at school.  In the days leading up to the concert Sean told me the Jr. High Choir was singing Africa, by Toto for one of their performances.   What he didn’t tell me, is that he was singing the verses SOLO with the choir joining him on the …