Rise & Shine!

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Welcome to 2016!   It’s a new year to Rise & Shine!

Thank you to the followers who have journeyed with me and my struggle for the right name for this blog.  It now feels good & right with the world as “Rise & Shine”!

I started pondering this a few months ago when I was waking up my 14 year old, Sean, with my usual, “Good Morning Sean, Rise & Shine!”    He asked me that particular morning, “Why do you always say, Rise & Shine?”  At first I just replied with a smile and said, “Because that’s what my Mom used to say when she woke me up!”   A moment later, even though my answer was true, I thought he deserved a more detailed explanation.

Rise & Shine to me has always meant that no matter what our current situation is—good, happy, bad or sad—we need to Rise up to the occasion and do our best to Shine with whatever knowledge, energy and talents we have at that moment.  None of us are perfect, so some days we may not shine as bright as others, but the good news is, the next day we get an opportunity to Rise & Shine all over again.

Taking the Clifton StrengthsFinders assessment is one easy thing you can do to help yourself shine!  By knowing and understanding your strengths you can “Rise” by aiming the talents that come to you naturally to handle any obstacle or opportunity that comes your way in a “Shining” fashion!

Once you have your StrengthsFinders results, I challenge you to focus on one of your Top 5 talent themes for one week at a time.  Pay close attention to when that talent shows up and what a difference it makes in your day.  Also, pay attention to the times you could have tapped into that talent, but failed to do so.  Take a moment to jot down some notes each day as to how you utilized that particular strength that day.  When you start to notice you are taking an easier path to accomplish things you are successfully using the talents you were created with.

Please visit my StrengthsFinder page to learn more about the Clifton StrengthsFinders assessment and how you can become a part of the Strengths movement!

I’m wishing you a fantabulous 2016!  Buckle up for the ride and remember to…

“Happily use the unique talents He created you with to get up each day and bravely live your dreams.  You were made to
Rise & Shine!”

Connie Gildersleeve



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