We See You!

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Today’s Rise & Shine moment celebrates both my husband Phil and I’s work passions!  My “Dr. Phil” is an Optometrist who not only cares about how his patients see, he also spends quality time managing the overall health of their precious eyes.  Beyond the goal of good vision, Dr. Gildersleeve at O’Neill Family Eyecare, routinely checks for eye conditions & diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.  He “sees” you, to help provide you a good quality of life.

In my work, as a Gallup Strengths Coach, Brave Girls Soul Restoration Instructor and TeamMates mentoring program coordinator, I find great joy in connecting people with one another, re-connecting people with their 8-year-old self and connecting people with their own God-given talents & strengths.

In preparation for an upcoming Beautiful Life Retreat, I stumbled upon a TedTalk that beautifully reflects both of our work passions.  It shines a light on the importance of human, social connections with a unique tie into eyecare.  Our December 1st retreat, includes the She Did It Anyway curriculum, written by Brave Girls Founder, Melody Ross.  One of the things I treasure about ALL Brave Girls events, are the Red Carpet Rules.  The Red Carpet Rules remind each and every attendee that you are welcomed & valued by everyone in the room with you.  No matter where you came from or what your journey entailed to get there, WE SEE YOU!

This is the link for the fore-mentioned TedTalk, please take a few minutes to absorb the message Dr. Starla Fitch has to share about connecting with one another and the meaning of  “Sawu bona”.  Our upcoming, Holiday “Time-Out” For Me Retreat, creates the perfect setting for women to come together and be seen for the beautiful souls that they are!   Please visit the Brave Girl Connections page on this website for more information about Brave Girls Club, Brave Girls University and our empowering retreat coming up December 1st in Norfolk, Nebraska!

“SAWU BONA!”  ~Connie Lea

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