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Glance at the Grandstands

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It may only happen once per event, but if you watch closely, you can usually catch your special someone taking a ‘glance at the grandstands’. Who do you perform for? Hopefully for yourself and the man upstairs. But don’t you always have a sense of who’s watching and who is noticing when you do something good?     Good deeds don’t need …

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Rise & Shine Brave Girls!

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I am so excited to be heading up into the Idaho mountains today to join 25 Brave Girls for the week!  We are training to become Certified Instructors of the Brave Girls “Soul Restoration” curriculum, which I can’t wait to offer at future Beautiful Life Retreats! I’ve heard McCall has some beautiful scenery to behold, so I promise to post …

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Rise & Shine!

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Welcome to 2016!   It’s a new year to Rise & Shine! Thank you to the followers who have journeyed with me and my struggle for the right name for this blog.  It now feels good & right with the world as “Rise & Shine”! I started pondering this a few months ago when I was waking up my 14 year …