365 Wardrobe Challenge

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Do you have 365 Pieces of Clothing?

Two years ago on New Years Day, I decided to count the clothing in my closet and see if I had enough items to wear at least one different item every day of the new year. Well, I did. Before you judge me or picture me inside a ginormous walk-in closet (that I don’t have), go count your own clothes! Shirts, sweaters, jackets, vests, pants, jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, capris, joggers, sweatpants, yoga pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts…have you made it to 365 yet? If not, go ahead and count your scarves, neck ties, swimsuits, pajamas and coats. If you’re still struggling, go ahead and count your shoes too!

Like many other “departments” in our home, I like to save things WAY beyond the time frame in which they are still serving me a valuable purpose. I knew some clothes just had to go, but it’s just too hard for people like me to stand there and select which items are going to the rejection pile. Yes, I’ve tried the Marie Kondo method, holding a cute top in my hands asking it, “Do you bring me joy?” Of course that darling number brings me joy! But it does NOT bring me joy if I have to remove 5 other hanging items to unbury the nice felt hanger it’s been hanging on, which I’m bound to break before I even get it out of my closet! After counting safely past 365 items, my New Year’s 365 Wardobe Challenge was born! Notice I did not say “resolution”. I have never kept a New Year’s Resolution, but I DID meet this new challenge I created for myself! My intent was then to blog about the progress of this crazy endeavor, but in hindsight, I’m guessing I didn’t because maybe I didn’t really trust myself that I would see it through. Not only did I see it through, year two became the even MORE interesting part of the challenge, when I planned to re-introduce most of those clothes back into my closet.

As the weeks passed in year one of my challenge, a few rules and VERY FEW exceptions had to be made to make this challenge realistic. One by one, I’ll share those rules and VERY FEW exceptions with you. I’m actually really proud of the fact that I stuck with this project for an entire year and I am challenging anyone reading this to give it a try! It doesn’t matter what day of the year you begin, just BEGIN and stick it out for 365 days!

The first “rule” was made about 10 days into my 365 Wardrobe Challenge. Can you guess what it may have been?

Happy New Year!
Just Get Sh!t Done and Always Pack a Hat!

Connie Lea

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