“Gallup-Certified” Strengths Coach Proudly Wearing My Top 5 Talent Themes!

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This week, I now sit at my desk as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach!   My certification journey started in 2013 with the Successful Strengths Coaching class at Gallup University in Omaha, Nebraska. I wrapped up my series of Gallup Coaching classes this past April and like many others who choose to procrastinate, I finally took my certification exam!

Why do we continue to do this to ourselves? We let things hang over our heads and weigh us down, causing unnecessary tension in our lives. How could we forget that amazing feeling of liberating freedom from the last big thing we checked off our to-do lists?

My “unnecessary tension”, was from making myself believe that I still needed to find time to “sit & study” for my certification exam. But the truth is, I work with strengths and talent themes every day, whether it be mine, or those I am coaching.

Throughout the required courses, I learned so much working side-by-side with 35 phenomenal strengths coaching classmates.   I was truly blessed, to hear the late Curt Liesveld share his wisdom of strengths and the beautifully articulated insights from Heather Wright as my Gallup Strengths Instructors.

My passion for believing and focusing on what is right with people, has led me to share Don Clifton’s awesome Strengths Movement in schools, with both teachers and students, in business motivation workshops and personal empowerment retreats. Even family gatherings are enhanced by playing “strengths games” to fuel conversations about our natural talents. So even though I walk & talk strengths on a regular basis, I somehow kept my exam from making it to the top of my priority list.

Two things finally changed the order of my priority list.

  • Jim Collison, Technology Manager at Gallup, reminded me that I would be “missing out” on access to resources only available to certified coaches if I didn’t take & pass the exam.    What?  Me, missing out on something?  Not acceptable!
  • I noticed I was turning down events I really wanted to attend because I thought I needed to find that time to “sit & study”.     What?  Me, missing out on something?  Not acceptable!

I realized it was time to Just Get Sh!t Done! The next day I shifted my natural Futuristic talent from looking towards the next week, month & year and said today is the day. I let my MAXIMIZER talent take a rest (wanting to study so I would do better than just good enough on the exam). My Strategic talents, allowed me to quickly review the key constructs of Strengths and my Positivity and Self-Assurance led my fingers to log in for the exam and tell myself, “You can do this!”

Results? I am proud to share this welcomed announcement in my inbox from Gallup…

Dear Connie Gildersleeve,                                              

Congratulations!  You have passed your exam and evaluations!   You are now a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

What have you been putting off lately? Use the comment section below to list one thing you intend to cross off your list this week. The first person that comes back and shares the story of accomplishing that one thing and what natural talent they used, will win their choice of  a “34 Strengths” T-Shirt or JGSD item from my on-line Shoppe!

Remember the JGSD Motto…

“Sometimes it’s more important to Just Get Something Done than to get it ALL done. “

Proudly signing off “Gallup-Certified”,

Connie Lea

: )

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