Just Get Shit Done (JGSD) and Always Pack a Hat!

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Just Get Shit Done (JGSD) and Always Pack a Hat!

The purpose for my presence here is to inspire and motivate others to enjoy an authentic life. Yes, we all have people in our lives we need to be accountable to and care for, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up who we are along the way.

My husband Phil (of 16 years) has many attributes that draw me to him; he is smart, handsome, funny, gentle and adventurous to name a few. But one of the things that make me love him more every day is the freedom he allows me to simply be ME!   That freedom of being myself is a real source of happiness in my life and I hope to inspire my readers to go after their dreams and live the life they are uniquely designed to live!

I’m showing my true colors as a Gemini, as I bounce back and forth between being the JGSD Girl and the Lady in the Hat. There’s no since denying either of these personalities of mine, because they certainly are not going away! But it’s made it extremely difficult deciding on a name for my blog, so I’m just going to use them both until my audience decides for me which is more fitting.

The JGSD Girl in me, is here to help you Just Get Shit Done! We all need a little kick in the pants from time to time and I’m definitely one of those procrastinators that can easily put something off until it moves to the “about to catch fire” section of my priority list.   I invite you to use this space to share stories and accountability to help each other JGSD!   Check out the fun JGSD motivational products in My Shoppe. You may just find that piece of JGSD inspiration you need to have sitting on your desk or a unique gift for one of your procrastinating friends!

Oh yes, I do love hats, but we’ll save that for another time. In the mean time, just get something done and always pack a hat!

Connie Lea
What have you done today?


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