The Element of Surprise!

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Last night my husband Phil and I attended our son Sean’s Choir/Band Concert at school.  In the days leading up to the concert Sean told me the Jr. High Choir was singing Africa, by Toto for one of their performances.   What he didn’t tell me, is that he was singing the verses SOLO with the choir joining him on the chorus!  Thank goodness I was recording with our iPad and as I realized Sean was singing solo I gave my husband that look of, “Can you believe he didn’t tell us this?”!Tears of joy ran down my face and my smile beamed of pride across the gymnasium.  I don’t know how he managed to keep this performance a secret, but I certainly enjoyed the surprise.

In 5th grade, Sean took the Clifton Strengths Explorer assessment and his Top 5 Strengths are;

Organizer – Youths especially talented in the Organizer theme are good at scheduling, planning, and organizing.

Confidence – Youths especially talented in the Confidence theme believe in themselves and their ability to be successful in their endeavors.

Dependability – Youths especially talented in the Dependability theme keep their promises and show a high level of responsibility.

I believe Sean’s strengths allowed him the self-confidence as a 14 year old to not only sing in front of a gymnasium full of people, but to even add the bits of  choreography movements that just seemed to flow so natural as he performed.    Sean started a blog this year as part of his English class assignments.  You can enjoy his sense of humor and love for trains by following his blog at:

Connie Lea

Which of your strengths did YOU use today?


Connie & Sean – GREAT job singing and playing your baritone!

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